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Photography Daniel Sannwald, artistry Beauty_GAN

Kylie Jenner got her make-up done by AI for her Dazed Beauty cover

The beauty of the algorithm

What is beautiful? It’s almost impossible to answer definitively, as the response differs between individuals, cultures, and eras. When we launched Dazed Beauty, we did so to redefine the language and communication that surrounds beauty in the media today, by asking what the future of beauty really is. Over the past week, the platform has been unveiling boundary-pushing covers for its inaugural print issue (including Travis Scott and Kate Moss posing together as centaurs). Today, the final Issue Zero cover star is revealed: cosmetics mogul and ultra-influencer Kylie Jenner – with a twist. 

Almost every beauty influencer in the industry follows Kylie’s lead. As Dazed Beauty notes, there was a 70 per cent rise in lip filler enquiries 24 hours after she announced she’d had her own enlarged. Her pout, along with her almost billion dollar business, Kylie Cosmetics, is responsible for the birth of an era-defining Instagram aesthetic.

For her Dazed Beauty cover, the 21-year-odl tycoon has been paired with the engineers behind Beauty_GAN, who have created an AI that generates beauty images without human help. By analysing 17,000 Instagram posts, the program lays bare what we as a society deem attractive. The AI has created hair and make-up looks for the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, for her spread in Issue Zero.

Read more about how Beauty_GAN works and see the full shoot here. A list of stockists for Dazed Beauty can be found here; pre-order it here.