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Darío Alva and Travis Brothers

Kate Moss and Travis Scott cover the first ever print issue of Dazed Beauty

Oh and they’re centaurs, because why not?

Dazed Beauty invites you to the ultimate dystopian dreamscape for their first ever print cover, starring free–ranging fashion icons Kate Moss and Travis Scott.

Reimagined as mythical hybrids by visionary digital artists Darío Alva and the Travis Brothers, the two cover stars reflect the multi–faceted nature of Dazed Beauty as well as the theme of Issue Zero: the future of beauty, in all its many guises. Merging futurism, fantasy and tech, both Scott and Moss take the form of centaurs (yep, centaurs!), manacled in barbed wire and surrounded by stormy weather.

The original face of the 90s, and then basically every decade since, Kate Moss is still evolving and inspiring people around the world. Meanwhile, Travis Scott’s groundbreaking third album Astroworld cemented his status as one of the most progressive and experimental artists working in rap today. Together, in Issue Zero of Dazed Beauty, they star in a ten-page story titled “The Children of Ixion”, defying your expectations of what a beauty magazine should be (less contour, more centaur).

Ahead of his performance at the Super Bowl halftime show in Atlanta this Sunday, read Dazed Beauty’s interview with Travis Scott here; and stay tuned for the rest of the Issue Zero covers.