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Watch three familiar faces go on some pretty hilarious Tinder dates

The three activity-based dates include a pottery session, bowling, and a pasta-making masterclass

First dates will never not be interesting. There’s something strangely intriguing about getting two people together for the first time to see what sparks might fly (or not, in some more unfortunate cases), so we’ve teamed up with Tinder to match a few faces you might recognise with a few others that you might not.

The results are funny, sometimes heartwarming and genuinely endearing, but they’re also firm proof that – despite what the internet might tell you – not all millennials have had their social skills completely annihilated by social media. Sometimes we go bowling and laugh together! Or fail hilariously at making handmade tagliatelle! Basically, there are plenty of us that use apps to actually find people to share new (IRL) experiences with.

Better still, the app has plenty of features to help us all meet genuinely like-minded people. Its various gender options are a necessary addition in a world which can be cruel to trans and gender non-conforming people, and its Passport feature makes solo travelling so, so much easier.

But what about if you’re dating closer to home? Aren’t first dates absolutely terrifying? Not according to these three short films, all of which are the result of a recent social media competition which involved us showing you three faces you might recognise and asking you exactly why you’d want to date them. The applications came flooding in, so we trawled through to pick out some of the most hilarious for our unsuspecting daters.


Billie JD Porter is a charismatic journalist and documentary-maker who grew up in London but now lives in Los Angeles. She’s never been on a Tinder date before so decided to open up the potential for “cute, awkward moments” (let’s be real: they’re the perfect ice-breaker) by asking her match to a pottery class. The risk pays off, and the duo initially seem to be off to a pretty good start – he changes his bed weekly and can even make his own thimbles. What’s not to love?


Ben Schofield is a model and GQ Style fashion editor who really, really wants his date to come with a dog. Who doesn’t? Luckily his dreams come true (although not on purpose – his date just couldn’t find a dog sitter) and a slew of wholesome fun ensues thanks to the adorable Oscar who, despite his playful barking, gets to reap the rewards of the pasta-making date. Although admittedly not a talented chef (“I’d probably cook you a really good takeaway”), Ben and his match work hard to cook a romantic meal from scratch which they then share in a garden terrace, Lady & The Tramp-style.


Yinka Bokinni is a DJ, blogger and presenter whose ability to curate a slick playlist unfortunately doesn’t help her odds on a bowling date. She describes not having been on a date for a while, but her wishlist is ultimately short but sweet: he has to have a killer smile (and, more importantly, show it off on his Tinder profile) and not judge her for excessive emoji use. As for the bowling, things get competitive quickly – but, luckily, neither of them prove to be sore losers.

Director: Jess Kohl
Art Director: Rory Gleeson
DOP: Joel Honeywell
AC: Kairo Jones
Sound: Rob Taliesin Owen
Styling: Kate Iorga
HMU: Sophie Anderson
Producer: Lauren Ford