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@jstlbby is the motivational Instagrammer serving #lewks and life advice

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In a timeline that’s often full of doom and gloom, Amber Wagner (aka IG’s self-proclaimed motivational speaker @jstlbby) is here to lift you up. Having amassed an army of fans in the two years since she started the account – with the likes of Cardi B, Kelela, and model Teddy Quinlivan among them – Wagner dishes out advice on everything from not letting that man take advantage of you, when you should let go of toxic friends, and the importance of seizing the day (every damn day).  

It’s not just life advice she’s serving, though – it’s #lewks too. The Instagrammer has a huge line-up of wigs (some of them more successful than others), sunglasses, and hats, and is rarely seen in the same look twice. Most recently, huge bejewelled frames that wouldn’t look out of place on the Gucci runway, 2018’s tiny Matrix-style shades, and LV-inspired buckets hats have been her go to – and that’s before we’ve even started on her incredible nails.  

In case you’re in need of any more encouragement to hit follow on her account (really?), we’ve put together a list of the best and most valuable life lessons Wagner has to offer. You’re welcome.


Or, as Wagner’s accompanying caption suggests “GRAB THIS MONTH BY THE NECK & MAKE IT YOUR B*TCH!!” The sentiment stands not just when it comes to the beginning of each month, though, but every morning. Yesterday was terrible? Today is a new day. Get it in a chokehold (or, you know, a light grip, if you’re not feeling quite that violent), tell yourself things are going to be better, and make it happen.


We’ve all been there. The unexpected ‘u up?’ text comes through at 2.07am and, in a moment of weakness, before you know it, you’ve replied – only for the fuckboy in question to ghost on you for the 15th time. @jstlbby is here to remind you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Stop falling for it, remember what a queen you are, and BLOCK HIM. As follower @aanissssaaaa says “she is empowering the shit out of me rn”, and soon she will be you, too.


The world is a tough place that tests all of us from time to time, but whatever it throws at you, if you continue to be a good person, according to @jstlbby, good things are coming your way. Like a pair of those directional tiny sunglasses, for example.  


The clock is ticking, so don’t waste time. Find what makes you happy, call your mum, get a ridiculously impractical but fabulous manicure. Basically, whatever you do, seize the moment.    


If someone is trash talking you or giving you a hard time, 99 percent of the time, it’s on them, as opposed to anything to do with you. Ignore it, rise above it, forget it, and don’t let the haters keep you down is @jstlbby’s advice. Repeat after us (and the Instagrammer herself): you are beautiful, you’re smart, you’re outgoing, you’re amazing, you are talented, and you were made uniquely you. Louder for the people at the back!


We’ll be honest: the inclusion of this particular video was mainly down to @jstlbby’s amazing ‘Gucci’ headband and sunglasses combo. But then, when we’d got past that and actually focused on what she was saying, we realised her message was as major as her look. Check in on those you care about, because often the ones who need someone aren’t the ones picking up the phone themselves.


Okay, so this clip is Valentine’s Day-centric – but the sentiment remains relevant all year long. Single? Take yourself out, treat yourself good, and, above all else, make sure you love yourself. Because if you can’t, how the hell are you going to love anyone else. Can we get an amen?