Slick Woods has chosen Erykah Badu to guide her through childbirth

She’s actually a doula in her spare time and has helped in over 40 births

Slick Woods recently graced the cover of Elle magazine in all of her pregnant glory to reflect on her success as one of the faces of Fenty Beauty, sexuality and her impending motherhood.

In the interview, the 21-year-old revealed that neo-soul legend Erykah Badu will be guiding her through childbirth. Badu is a well-established doula – a trained birthing partner – and she takes her role so seriously she alters her busy schedule to make sure she is there for the births.

“She’s a mommy role model. A mother I look up to, who kills her shit and is a boss-ass bitch,” Woods said, explaining her decision to choose Badu to assist her through childbirth.

Only 8 per cent of US births include a midwife so the singer has been plugging that gap and has assisted over 40 births since 2001. She helps women throughout their pregnancy, childbirth and follow ups in the first years of motherhood but when speaking to the New Yorker about her role she said: “We just do the catching or the coaching.”

With supermodel parents (the father is Adonis Bosso) and an A-list spiritual guide this baby is due to have a much better start to life than most.