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The #MeToo movement is getting its own documentary series

The docu-series will explore the serious conversations that have been sparked

Over the past few months, women all over the world have been sharing their stories of sexual harassment and assault, using the hashtag #MeToo. Now the movement is getting its own documentary series.

Titled #Metoo, Now What?, the series – airing on PBS – will consider what is next for our culture now that we have finally, publicly, zoned in on the sheer scale of sexual abuse across different industries.

The five-part series will interview both men and women who have suffered from sexual harassment, led by host, author and executive editor Zainab Salbi. Each half-hour episode will focus on a particular aspect of sexual harassment, with survivors weighing in on how they have been affected. Covering gender discrimination, harassment in the workplace, how race and class are woven into the conversation, and the impact of pop culture on how women are treated. As Deadline reports, journalists, public figures, activists and academics will be featured.

Salbi is the founder of Women for Women International and editor-at-large for Women in the World, and launched a talk show for Arab women previously.

The campaign – which was turbo-charged on social media following accusations of sexual conduct against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein – was initially started by activist Tarana Burke 12 years ago, to support those that had suffered from sexual harassment.

But as the movement continues to grow, so does the criticism. Margaret Atwood is the latest person of note to express scepticism about #Metoo. Not forgetting Russia, where victim blaming has become the bottom line of most of the Weinstein-related reporting in the media. One of the biggest issues next is how the work of #Metoo and the newly launched Time’s Up initiative can create tangible change in policy and legislation surrounding assault and harassment.

It was recently announced that Rose McGowan – one of the first major voices to speak out about Weinstein – would front her own show on the subject, titled Citizen Rose.

#MeToo, Now What? will premiere on PBS February 2