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Come to a Dazed Secret Lecture in Milan

Italy’s most subversive media minds on how to challenge traditional perceptions of the artist

Secret Lectures (an exclusive series of talks presented by Huawei and Dazed) returns for its third edition, this time taking over Milan on Tuesday October 24. Titled New Renaissance: 21st Century Creativity the one-off talk will unite Italy’s most subversive multimedia minds to explore how Italy’s next wave are challenging perceptions of the traditional Italian artist.  

Alessio Ascari, puslisher and creative director of Italy’s key visual culture magazine Kaleidoscope, will lead the talk in conversation with Pierpaolo Ferrari (TOILETPAPER), Gabriele Cassacia (Slam Jam), fashion and graphic designer, Giorgio di Salvo, and artist Dafne Boggeri. Special guest DJs Z.I.P.P.O, Elisa Bee and Paula Tape will provide the night’s tunes, alongside signature cocktails and food.

The series’ third installment takes off from London’s Secret Lecture where Dazed founder Jefferson Hack led a talk on alternative voices in new media, in conversation with new media guerillas including Olya Kuryshchuk (1 Granary), Liv Little (Gal-Dem), John Holt (LAW magazine) and Susie Lau (Style Bubble).

Secret Lectures presented by Huawei and Dazed are an exclusive series of talks that bring together a diverse group of pop culture provocateurs and creative mavericks from the worlds of art, music, media, design and photography to inspire the next generation. The Secret Lectures are taking place across Europe, with events in London, Paris, Milan, and Berlin, and celebrate the joint ambition of Huawei and Dazed to empower young minds through creativity and technology. 

Secret Lectures Milan is on October 24, 6.30pm-10.30pm. Secret location revealed on the day. Tickets available here

Photo of Alessio Ascari by Ivan Grianti