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Mykki Blanco teams up with directors Diana Kunst and Mau Morgó to reimagine “Lucky” from the artist’s forthcoming album

Get to know the performer behind the music. Listen to Mykki Blanco in conversation with Dazed here

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Rapper, singer and performer-extraordinaire, Mykki Blanco can’t be ignored

Mykki Blanco is a jigsaw puzzle of creative pieces; from self-confessed "weirdo art school + kid", poet and performance artist, to writer, rapper and on-stage chameleon.

Ever-evolving, the California-born artist has recently been making forays into new musical worlds as they work on a new album – writing, composing and collaborating intensively to create a record that’s a clear step-change for Mykki.

This new approach is bleeding through to the artist’s live appearances. Leaving behind the simpler set up of DJ, Mykki and mic they’ve been known for, now the musician is harnessing the energy of live instrumentation to take their wild, uninhibited stage show to new levels. We already knew that Mykki Blanco was an incredible performer. This new iteration confirms it.

"This underground icon thing. No, that's out of the window now. Sky's the limit"

—Mykki Blanco

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