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Kelsey Lu partners with director Sean Vegezzi for a magical performance of ‘Morning Dew’ live in New York

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Kelsey Lu’s artistry and spellbinding stagecraft take performance to new realms

Kelsey Lu’s dreamy pop comes cradled in her own experiences. Past relationships, pain, religion, her upbringing, a lifelong love affair with the symphony; all make their appearance in the North Carolina-born performer and cellist’s work.

Lu’s debut full-length album Blood, released in 2019, is a baroque showcase of sound – both futuristic and influenced by her training as a classical musician. Touring the record worldwide, Lu holds audiences captive. Whether bending to the bow as she embraces her cello, or filling rooms with the soaring vocal she first unleashed as a teen at her high school talent show, Lu is both magical and majestic. Alongside her undeniable presence, the artist’s stage play is extravagant: breathtaking costumes, beautiful backdrops and levitating body doubles moulded from her own form.

Time spent in Lu’s presence veers between serene and silent to overwhelming and emotional, often brought back to earth by self-professed ‘goofy’ moments and playful interactions with the crowd. She is an artist born for the stage, and is now further exploring the power of performance with #GucciGig – a collaborative project inviting musicians to celebrate live artistry.

"I was attracted to [the cello]. There's something about the physicality of putting your arms around the instrument"


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