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Get tickets to special previews of cut-throat murder mystery Medusa Deluxe

Set in the ‘dazzling, gossip-heavy’ world of competitive hairdressing, Thomas Hardiman’s debut feature is coming to Manchester, courtesy of Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club

Over the last year, Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club has brought the latest arthouse film screenings to cinema screens across London, but it’s mixing things up a bit to wrap up its current series. As well as a screening of Medusa Deluxe in London on June 6, there will be one in Manchester on May 30, to coincide with Dazed Club Live Manchester, at Manchester’s HOME theatre in partnership with MUBI.

The debut feature film from Thomas Hardiman, Medusa Deluxe immerses audiences in the “dazzling, gossip-heavy” world of regional hair competitions in an extravagant twist on the murder mystery genre. With a hair-obsessed community at its core – and evoking both Robert Altman’s Nashville and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK – the ensemble film marries the light with the dark, as a brutal scalping sows seeds of division.

Ahead of the film’s June 9 UK release date, Dazed is offering viewers a chance to catch an exclusive showing as part of our ongoing partnership with MUBI, followed by a question and answer session with director Thomas Hardiman. The wider Dazed Club Live Manchester programme will also feature a day of workshops, talks, and mixtures that you won’t want to miss.

Interested? Tickets for the Manchester screening of Medusa Deluxe are now on sale here, and tickets for the London screening on sale here. All tickets are available at half-price for all Dazed Club members (learn more about how to sign up here). Tickets will also include free drinks and popcorn.

Watch the trailer for Medusa Deluxe below.