Harry Styles and Florence Pugh unravel in new Don’t Worry Darling trailer

The hotly-anticipated film will be in cinemas from September 23

On Thursday, Warner Bros shared the second official trailer for Don’t Worry Darling – the second film from director Olivia Wilde starring Florence Pugh as Alice and Harry Styles as Jack, with Gemma Chan, Chris Pine, and Dakota Johnson also featuring in the film.

Jack and Alice are depicted as the quintessential 1950s couple. Jack works while Alice is the perfect housewife, keeping their gorgeous mid-century home spick and span and socialising with the other local wives, all while modelling an impressive collection of waist-cinching dresses. 

But things are not as they seem in the idyllic desert town of Victory, and Alice soon begins to question what exactly her husband is doing at his top-secret workplace, as well as CEO Frank’s true intentions.

In the new extended trailer, she crushes empty eggshells in her fists, wraps her head in cling film, and is crushed by the walls of her home closing in on her, as she slowly begins to mentally unravel. She goes to a doctor, who prescribes her pills and earnestly tells her to “keep calm and carry on”.

It’s giving The Truman Show meets The Stepford Wives meets The Handmaid’s Tale – and we can’t wait.

Don't Worry Darling will be in UK cinemas on 23 September and you can watch the new trailer above.