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Time and the Seashell (2021)

10 unmissable highlights from the 2021 Climate Crisis Film Festival

From a short film about a young boy in Mexico’s indigenous community, to a short tracing the aftermath of a hurricane in Nicaragua, the festival spotlights 50 global films on climate justice – here, activist Josephine Becker picks her favourites

As the UK’s first climate action film festival, the Climate Crisis Film Festival brings together 50 films from across the globe to offer a personal snapshot into the lives of those affected by climate change. 

From Joanna Vasquez Arong’s short film about the effect a typhoon leaves on a small town in the Philippines, to a documentary tracing the aftermath of a hurricane in the northern Caribbean country of of Nicaragua, the festival provides a platform for filmmakers from the Global South to share their stories.

“The power of telling your own story is undeniable, and essential in fighting media misrepresentation and for us others, to learn directly from them, centring their stories, experiences and hopes in how we face and fight the climate crisis,” says climate activist and organiser Josephine Becker.

“Not only will these films show the already existing realities of the climate crisis beyond well-known (scientific) facts, but more importantly create emotional connections in a way that can transform minds and hearts for global community building through a crisis that is shaped by separation from each other,” she adds.

Below, Becker selects 10 highlights from the Climate Crisis Film Festival.

The Climate Crisis Film Festival takes place between 1-14 November. For more information, head over to the website