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See behind-the-scenes Matrix 4 footage
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The official title for Matrix 4 has been revealed

The rumours were true

After months of speculation, the official title for Matrix 4 is finally here.

The fourth Matrix film will be called The Matrix: Resurrections. The title was announced during the Warner Bros presentation at CinemaCon yesterday (August 24), along with the film’s official trailer – though it has yet to be released online.

According to Deadline, the trailer sees Keanu Reeves’ Neo trapped in a pre-red pill world much like his first self in the 1999 film. Later on, Neo runs into Carrie Anne Moss’ Trinity in a cafe, where she asks him, “Have we met?”

The trailer also features a young Morpheus, who tells Neo it’s “time to fly” before handing him a red pill. Laurence Fishburne, who played the character in the last three films, won’t be returning for the fourth film. “I am not in the next Matrix movie. You’d have to ask Lana Wachowski why because I don't have an answer for that,” he previously told Collider.

The official title confirms rumours circulating earlier this year that the film would be titled The Matrix: Resurrections. At the time, Warner Bros was quick to dispel any rumours, telling ScreenRant that the movie remained untitled. But the official name and trailer footage confirms what fans have been expecting: that Reeves and Moss will be ‘resurrected’ in the fourth installment after dying in the previous film. 

The Matrix: Resurrections filming was interrupted in March last year due to coronavirus, but was able to continue in August. Slated for release in December 2021, behind-the-scenes footage emerged in February, as Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss were spotted filming in San Francisco.

In the summer, writer and director Lilly Wachowski confirmed that The Matrix movies are an allegory for the trans experience. Both Lilly and Lana came out as trans after the first three films were released, with fans subsequently speculating whether the journey of the protagonist was a metaphor for gender transition.

“I’m glad people are talking about The Matrix movies with a trans narrative,” Lilly said, “and I’m grateful I can be a part of throwing them a rope along their journey. I’m glad that it has gotten out that that was the original intention. The world wasn’t quite ready for it. The corporate world wasn’t ready for it.”