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On The Rocks
courtesy of A24 and Apple, via Entertainment Weekly

Take a peek at On The Rocks, Sofia Coppola’s new Bill Murray-starring film

The comedy, set to premiere in October, also stars Rashida Jones

Back in 2019, it was announced that Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray would be reuniting to work on On The Rocks, their first feature film together since Lost In Translation 16 years prior. Now, we’ve received a preview of the upcoming film, in the form of exclusive images shared by Entertainment Weekly.

In the images, Murray appears alongside co-star Rashida Jones, as a father-daughter duo who are following the latter’s husband around New York, suspicious about his relationship with a coworker.

“It’s the clash between the two generations, and her being a young woman and him a gentleman of another generation,” Coppola previously explained. “It’s the clash of how they look at relationships, and also how your relationship with your parents affects your relationships in your life.”

“It’s a lot of them talking about life, men, and women over martinis in New York.”

While Jones plays a writer and mother in a seemingly happy marriage, Murray’s character in the almost-screwball comedy – a first for the director – has been described as “her larger-than-life playboy father”.

On The Rocks is set to premiere in cinemas and on Apple TV+ this October, via the arthouse production studio A24 and Apple Original Films.

View the new images of the film below.