An American version of Eurovision is coming next year

The American Song Contest will finally take the iconic competition to the US

Every year, when Eurovision airs across Europe, social media is filled with Americans wishing they could take part, or (quite understandably) asking what the hell is going on.

Now though, US residents won’t have to live in confusion and/or disappointment any longer, because a version of the iconic competition – which has been held in Europe every year since 1956, barring its 2020 cancellation due to coronavirus – is set to debut stateside.

Coming to US TV during the 2021 holiday season, according to Variety, the American Song Contest will be similar in format to the European version, only competitors will represent states instead of separate countries. 

These representatives will go through qualifiers at the state level before performing their original songs in a primetime live TV event. Judging will be carried out by The American Song Contest Academy: US-based “music professionals” across various genres.

“Imagine if music was an Olympic sport and artists from all over the world came together to compete for the gold,” say producers Christer Björkman, Ola Melzig and Peter Settman. “That’s the Eurovision Song Contest.” 

“The American version will be different than anything seen before on U.S. television, marrying the fanfare and excitement of March Madness and the NFL playoffs with the artistry and beauty of world-class performances.”

Whether The American Song Contest will bring the same glorious blend of old folk music, heavy metal, and camp pop that Eurovision has served up over the years remains to be seen. In the meantime, revisit some of the contest’s best beauty looks in lieu of this year’s iteration.