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Pornhub film festival
Photography Jakob Owens, via Unsplash

Pornhub wants to stream a German indie film festival

The adult site has offered to partner with the Oldenburg Film Festival, which is hoping to go ahead later this year

As businesses around the world shut up shop amid the coronavirus crisis, one website continues to thrive. As well as launching two campaigns to encourage safe sex (and regular hand washing) during the pandemic, Pornhub is stepping up to help other businesses in need, namely: a German indie film festival, which the adult site has offered to stream.

Pornhub’s vice president Corey Price has reached out to Oldenburg Film Festival – a 26-year-old event known for its unique programming – to offer its services as a partner for the September event.

Last week (May 8), the festival announced that it would go ahead in autumn as a hybrid event, combining in-person screenings with virtual ones. Writing to Oldenburg’s organisers, Price said: “We’d love to elevate the event beyond simply making your content viewable online, and take advantage of the digital format to engage with audiences who will be tuning in from around the world. This will offer a much different viewing experience and be more immersive.”

Speaking to Variety, Price said the festival was yet to respond, but added that he believes the offer “further demonstrates our commitment to supporting the arts and entertaining audiences of all kinds”.

This isn’t the first time Pornhub has dipped its toes in safe-for-work content. In March, the site released its first ever non-adult film, Leilah Weinraub’s Shakedown (2018). The film explores the lesbian strip club scene of early 00s LA, and previously showed at the ICA and the MoMa. “We want to be seen as a platform that artists and creators can use,” Pornhub’s brand director, Alex Klein, said at the time. “We’ve seen artists in general upload content to the site that might not have a home at places like YouTube or Vimeo, which don’t permit nudity.” 

Pornhub isn’t the first adult site to offer its services to a film festival during the pandemic. In March, YouPorn offered to stream this year’s cancelled Cannes Film Festival, asserting it could “guarantee an impactful debut for selected films” if the two teamed up. With the festival meant to be running now, it seems Cannes never accepted YouPorn’s offer. Here’s hoping Pornhub has more luck.