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Bong Joon-ho wins the Palme d'Or, 2019
Bong Joon-ho wins the Palme d'Or, 2019courtesy of Instagram/@festivaldecannes

Cannes is postponed due to coronavirus

The French film festival has been pushed back, but the new date is still TBC

The organisers of Cannes Film Festival have announced its postponement amid coronavirus concerns, following the disruption of many other events worldwide. “At this time of global health crisis,” reads the announcement, “our thoughts go to the victims of the COVID-19 and we express our solidarity with all of those who are fighting the disease.”

Currently, the new date for the festival is unconfirmed, with several options under consideration. The main option is to simply reschedule the festival to the end of June and beginning of July (from the previously-planned dates of May 12 to May 23).

Confirmation will come “as soon as the development of the French and international health situation will allow us to assess the real possibility,” say the organisers.

The postponement of the annual film festival follows the cancellation of SXSW, where many filmmakers – as well as musicians, artists, and locals – felt the impact of the pandemic.

Music festivals including Coachella and Glastonbury have also been cancelled or pushed back. A “celebration of Glastonbury” will replace the festival this year, on what would have been its 50th anniversary.