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Bong Joon Ho wants Ken Loach or Mike Leigh to remake Parasite

The Korean director tells Dazed in a new interview about his hopes for a British version of the family tragicomedy

Bong Joon Ho wants a British director to remake his Golden Globes-winning film Parasite with British actors.

The South Korean director told Dazed that he would “definitely say yes” to a British director or writer wanting to recreate the film, saying: “If a British writer or director requests to do a remake with British actors, I would definitely say yes, because, in providing commentary on modern capitalism, Britain has directors like Ken Loach and Mike Leigh who bring such realistic textures. It would be interesting to see a Parasite set in London.”

Bong also revealed that he’s already plotting another two films: a Korean-language horror and one “based on a small incident that happened in London in 2016”.

Parasite is a social satire based around class, involving a working class family scamming themselves into a rich family to fund their existence, with deadly consequences. Debuting at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival in May, it was awarded the prestigious Palme d’Or, and was named best picture of the year by the National Society of Film Critics.

While there hasn’t been any concrete steps taken for a British remake of Parasite, last week, HBO won a fierce bidding war against Netflix for limited edition English-language spin-off series, based on the original film, and co-produced by Bong and The Big Short and Vice director Adam McKay.

As for the film – Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, the ball’s in your court.

Watch the trailer for Parasite below.