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Studio Ghibli - Kiki’s Delivery Service

Your dream job just became available at Studio Ghibli

BRB, learning Japanese

Fancy being spirited away to Japan to work in the dream factory that is Studio Ghibli? In a rare, too-good-to-be-true opportunity, the well-loved animation company is hiring digital painters to help bring the anime fantasy to life, as reported by It’s Nice That.

If you’re a Japanese-speaking 20-year-old (or older), can be living in Japan by the end of May, and have experience in 2D animation software, you’re in with a chance. Apply by May 31 and you could be working directly with Hayao Miyazaki at Tokyo’s Ghibli HQ by the end of the year.

The successful candidate will start working on October 1 with a year and a half minimum contract, and would be taking home a monthly salary of at least 250,000 Japanese yen, which is more than £1,700. Ticking off everything on your ideal job checklist (working with Miyazski!), the role is seemingly the ultimate career move for any animator.

If, like me, you have basically none of the applicable skills, you can still live the dream at the upcoming Studio Ghibli theme park – 2022 isn’t that far away, right?