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SKAM Austin trailer
via SKAM Austin Facebook

Watch the second season trailer for the US reboot of SKAM

SKAM Austin returns

A teaser trailer for the second season of SKAM Austin has been released, with Facebook Watch revealing that the show will return on March 15. The US series follows the formula of hit Norwegian teen drama SKAM, telling its story in real-time across various social media platforms.

SKAM Austin season one primarily followed Megan, a teenager living in Austin, Texas, and her group of friends as they dealt with adolescent issues of identity, friendship, and heartache. The first episode of the US reboot was watched over 15 million times, with followers discussing weekly developments in a 250,000-strong Facebook group.

Judging by the short trailer, SKAM Austin season two looks like it will build on the story of season one’s Grace and Daniel. The pair are shown lying alone in different beds, while a number of returning characters – including Shay and Megan – also feature in the short clip. The puzzling and frustratingly short teaser is full of plot twists that have immediately got the show’s fans talking

The original Norwegian version of SKAM was the most-watched web TV show in Norwegian history, attracting on average 1.2 million visitors a week. The show tackled the stereotypes that impact upon many young people’s teenage years, with episodes about coming out, bipolar disorder, slut-shaming, eating disorders, and rape. Its fourth and final season, which followed a young Muslim girl called Sana, finished in June 2017.

The first clip for season two will drop on March 15, with subsequent videos dropping daily. As with SKAM Austin’s first season, these segments will then be compiled into weekly TV-length episodes every Friday – starting on March 22.

Watch the trailer below.