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to all the boys

There’s a To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before sequel on the way

It's officially official!

Netflix movie To All The Boys I've Loved Before stole our hearts this year, making it into our top films of 2018 for ditching old rom-com tropes and featuring an American-Asian actress, Lana Condor, as main protagonist Lara Jean Song Covey.

But it's now confirmed that Lara Jean's love affairs will be back on our screens next year, as the cast confirms a sequel is in the making.

Jenny Han, the author of the best-selling To All The Boys I've Loved Before youth novel trilogy that the films are adapted from, announced the plans in the most To All The Boys way: in a Twitter post featuring the movie’s stars Condor and Noah Centineo talking to each other on FaceTime.

“I am so excited, it is officially official!” Condor says in the clip. “We are making a To All The Boys sequel!”

The film is now in development, according to Deadline, with the sequel the first title in Paramount’s multi-film deal with Netflix.

The clip left viewers with a few questions though. At the end of the video, Condor gets a call from someone anonymous, and after a pause says “You're going to make a perfect John Ambrose!” If Twitter is anything to go by, Ambrose’s character, who plays a major role in the second book, will be played by a new actor in the sequel.

Mysteries aside, we are as stoked as Centineo. As he said in the reveal video: “Bring on the sequel! We are so excited!”