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Cardi B and Chance the Rapper

Cardi B and Chance the Rapper will judge a hip hop talent show on Netflix

It’s a yes from me

Everybody knows X Factor is tragic, The Voice really loses its momentum after the round where they have to swivel their chairs round, and the Got Talent franchise ran out of talent after Susan Boyle.

Netflix wants to give the stale talent show genre a shot in the arm with its new show Rhythm + Flow, which will premiere next year. Cardi BChance the Rapper and T.I. will judge as they search for the next big hip hop star in 10 cities across America. Recent EGOT winner John Legend is among the show’s producers.

The synopsis says the show will “find fresh talent and help undiscovered hip-hop artists pursue their dreams," and that the judges will be joined by “additional artists and industry VIPs”. The guests will advise the contestants alongside the judges throughout the 10 episodes.

After the success of Queer Eye, this marks another venture into reality TV by the streaming service. We can make an educated guess that out of this fab three, Chance the Rapper will be good cop, T.I. will be bad cop, Cardi will probably be there for the comic relief much like Louis Walsh.