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Keanu Reeves in Replicas

Watch Keanu Reeves try to clone his dead family in a new sci-fi film

Will this film finally see the light of day?

Almost a year after the first trailer released, Keanu Reeves’ latest sci-fi venture Replicas is back again, teasing a Flatliners-esque thriller. 

In the previous trailer, we saw that the major plotline is that his character’s family has tragically died in a car crash. This one showcases his efforts as a neuroscientist to clone the deceased members. Reeves is joined on screen by Thomas Middleditch, Alice Eve, Emily Alyn Lind, John Ortiz and Emjay Anthony. Middleditch plays a scientists colleague Reeves convinces to help him bring his family back, but he faces a moral dilemma – he can only bring back three of his four dead family members. He must choose whether to bring back his wife and two of the kids, or give all his kids another shot at life. There’s also a quite disturbing shot of a dead person waking up in a robot body.

Shortly after debuting at New York Comic Con last October, the release date was announced as August 24 2018. That date has come and gone, and the trailer still reads “Coming Soon”.

Other than sci-fi veteran Reeves, Replicas has a some big names behind it. The co-producers on board are Stephen Hamel and Lorenzo di Bonaventura, an unmissable name from The Transformers credits. The script is written by the man that gave the world high-octane film London Has Fallen: Chad St. John. And Jeffrey Nachmanoff, who wrote The Day After Tomorrow, is directing.

There has been no news of any major reshoots that would explain the mangled timeline. Despite having overshot the initial release date, Entertainment Studios is continuing to promote the film. Replicas is believed to be in post-production at the moment anyway. 

What we know: Reeves, sci-fi/thriller, robots. What we don’t know: ‘When?’ and ‘Where?’

Watch the trailer below.