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Watch Millie Bobby Brown in the latest Godzilla sequel teaser

The first footage for Godzilla: King of the Monsters raises more questions than it answers

On July 18, the first footage for Godzilla: King of the Monsters arrived and it’s all focused on Millie Bobby Brown. Well, to be specific, it’s all about the character she plays in the film, Madison Russell. The ominous footage is the first of a few new promotional items released via Twitter accounts for the film and for Monarch, the fictional scientific group at the centre of a new cinematic universe that's all about monsters like Godzilla and King Kong called the MonsterVerse

The teaser is less than a minute long and it packs in a lot of tension. We see Madison turn on a radio, presumably in control room somewhere underground or rather top-secret (note the drab walls and pervasive darkness), and attempt to send a message. “Hello? Is anyone there?” she asks someone, anyone, out there in a sea of static. “I'm trying to reach Monarch”, she continues, before being met with a wall of sounds that seem to be a mix of non-human shouting, gunfire, static, and perhaps something more sinister.

It certainly doesn’t look good for Madison, who appears to be radioing for help at different points in time since the bandages we see on her hands at the beginning of the teaser (how did those get there, by the way?) disappear by the time she’s met with that wall of horrific sound. How long has she been down there? Where is everyone else? Does her message ever reach Monarch? And what the hell are those sounds?

We can answer at least one of those questions since the Monarch Twitter account retweeted the teaser with a simple caption: “[X] Message Received.” That same Twitter account posted even more interesting promotional material ahead of the film’s official trailer premiere (it’s believed the trailer will premiere during San Diego Comic-Con 2018) on July 20. Featuring an animated radio frequency dial going will, we hear some of those same sounds Madison hears in the teaser except these new sounds are purely animalistic. Maybe. The caption is once again just vague enough to keep you wondering what’s going on: “[X] AUDIO DECRYPTION REQUIRED.”

King of the Monsters won’t be out until 2019, but one thing’s for certain: these early promotional materials are teasing something pretty damn exciting.