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Call Me By Your Name
Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet in Call Me By Your Name

Drop everything – the house from Call Me By Your Name is for sale

Neither Timothée nor Armie are included, unfortunately

Looking for some fresh digs? Perhaps it’s time to vacate that three bedroom house share in East Croydon, the one that’s “really quite reasonable!”, and has a serious damp problem. Well, you’re in luck. The absolutely gorgeous Italian villa from Call Me By Your Name has recently come up for sale, and you definitely want it, even if you have no money!

Call Me By Your Name was one of the most exquisite films of 2017, and told the queer coming-of-age love story between teenager Elio (Timothee Chalamet) and his father’s assistant (Armie Hammer) as they spend the sumptuous Italian summer together, reading, swimming, cycling, and falling in love with eachother. The Lombardy villa that served as the setting instantly became of cinema's dream houses, and this is certainly a unique opportunity for someone to actually own it. 

Located in the Lombardy region of Italy, near the Swiss border, this piece of rustic perfection was the ideal location for Luca Guadagnino’s beautiful and devastating instant-classic, Call Me By Your Name, an adaptation of André Aciman’s 2007 novel of the same name. Guadagnino has stated that he had always wanted to buy the house for himself but could never afford it, so he knew that it would be the perfect setting for a story as romantic as this, in love with its “faded, aristocratic charm”. 

The stunning 15,000 square foot property features eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms, balconies, terraces, multiple fireplaces, and the garden that played host to poolside flirtations, dinner parties, and sweaty summertime volleyball games we won’t soon forget. And all for a cool €1.7 million (about £1.5 million) – if only we didn’t spend all our money on avocados