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stranger things

Play the 80s nostalgia-fuelled Stranger Things game

Collect Eggos and peek a scene from the second season

We’re counting down the days until the release of Stranger Things 2 later this month, but in the meantime there’s a cute little mobile game to play along with the gang.

The 8-bit game sees users pick their fave character to play, and each has their own special power, following a loose interpretation of the first season’s plot.

Reddit user icecreamboy201 discovered the secret video available to players who beat the game. The sneak peek sees the boys trick or treating in Ghostbusters outfits – an ensemble we’ve seen in previous teasers – and discussing Three Musketeers candy bars. Not much is given away, but it’s a cute visual of the Hawkins, Indiana boys living life post-Demegorgon. Though from the last trailers, we know things will get dark and sinister again pretty quick.

Not that long ago, co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer revealed that the third season of the genre-hopping homage to all things 80s horror and sci-fi will definitely be a thing.

The mobile game is available on both iOS and Android, and Stranger Things 2 will drop on Netflix October 27.