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Stranger Things 2

Watch the thrilling trailer for Stranger Things season two

Eleven is BACK

The end of Stranger Things’ incredible first season left us with a few major questions: is Will still within the grips of the Upside Down? What has happened to Eleven? Will a second series of the 80s-honouring bricolage that thrilled and scared millions stand up to the first? Well now we’ve got some answers.

The trailer for Stranger Things 2 dropped at Comic-Con, an exciting visual chock full of pop culture references: we’re back in Hawkins, Indiana and our fave gang play Dragon’s Lair, Halloween is honoured with Ghostbuster costumes, Regan-Bush election campaign posters decorate yards, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with Vincent Price’s opening monologue soundtracks the visual. Will Byers struggles with terrifying premonitions of the Upside Down bleeding into our side, and it seems the horrifying otherworld is going to take over, colossal monsters included. “I saw something. I felt it everywhere,” he says.

We also get a glimpse of Eleven – Dazed cover star Millie Bobby Brown – in the Upside Down, and it looks like she’s pretty close to returning, arms outstretched through the dark goo barrier.

Speaking at a Comic-Con panel, Ross Duffer – the show’s co-creator – said: “We wanted it to look like one of those Stephen King books that we devoured.”

While David Harbour, who plays Sheriff Hopper, said his character deals with “the pitfalls” of living up to the heroic standards of the first season, Variety reports that Schnapps said Will Byers will definitely step up to be more of a hero. “Compared to last season, Will definitely shows more bravery,” Schnapp said. “You’ll learn how the Upside Down affected Will, and you’ll get more into his storyline.”

As well as the original cast, there’s also a peek at some of the new characters. Some of them were introduced at Comic-Con: Dacre Montgomery takes on the role of Billy, Sadie Sink is Max, and Paul Reiser is Dr. Owens.

“I basically come in to clean up Dr. Brenner’s mess, and, uh, certain things happen,” Reiser said.

The second season of Stranger Things will drop on Netflix October 27