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Christopher Kane A/W11

Cut-out detailing with sheer silks gave models, including Dazed cover star Arizona Muse, a futuristic feel through fluid PVC fabrics and eye-catching bright hues

Going very much against the grain of a typical take on an Autumn Winter collection, Christopher Kane created a show stopping line of dresses with cut away details in sheer fabrics and silks. The collection was, as always with Kane, strong and powerful but still incredibly feminine. An almost futuristic feel was created through his use of PVC fluid filled detailing on the majority of the pieces and accessories.

The future forward feel was enhanced by the industrial aesthetic of the presentation space and an experimental electric sound track. Although the garments were mainly made up in either very dark colours or black, contrasted against a few key colourful items, the PVC details added an injection of brights. A series of sequined pieces were also shown, in pearlescent light blues and creams, which added a touch of easy and accessible evening glamour.

Dazed Digital: There was a really open feel to this collection, where did that come from?
Christopher Kane:
I wanted it to be very freeing to wear, and also clean and refined but not minimal and austere. I actually pushed that feeling through the entire collection and even in the clean and refined hair and make up we used on the models.

DD: There was quite a bit of loose knits in there as well.
Christopher Kane:
Yes we used a lot of crochet detailing this season, all of which was actually made up by one girl that we used. She is absolutely amazing and can do some beautiful things. It is crocheted cashmere so it is really beautiful and the texture is fantastic, really spongy and soft.

DD: Can you tell me about the use of the PVC elements?
Christopher Kane:
They are actually pods we cut into shapes and then filled with a coloured oil. It just had the right feel for what I was trying to do, and was also fun and kind of unexpected.

DD: What inspired the use of the sequins?
Christopher Kane:
Soda Streams, the old machines that made fizzy pop I used to get when I was a kid. That sort of effervescence is where the idea came from for the sequins, as well as some of the colours. I wanted it to be sort of bubbling under the surface, something about to happen, that kind of feeling.