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Rad by Rad Hourani A/W11

Wool tailoring and asymmetric cuts made for a unisex silhouette in the designer's diffusion line

The Rad by Rad Hourani diffusion line took control of New York Fashion Week on Tuesday morning with its ever so strong unisex silhouette and monochrome colour palette. Adding grey to the black nuances, Rad H showed wool tailoring with asymmetric cuts, biker jackets with over sized collars and his standard men's high heels. Layering was key and this as accentuated by belts, straps and extra long sleeves on garments. Many items were tied, folded or knotted to show the zipped wool coats and long tunics with its buttoning on the back. Another strong and stellar performance from a designer with a truly unique aesthetic and take on womenswear as menswear, and vice versa. 

Dazed Digital: What was the general idea behind this No.3 collection?
Rad Hourani:
The inspiratiion is always the same - things I like to wear myself. I like what I did with my mainline last time when six pieces was turned into 22 looks so I wanted to do the same this time; using only two colours, I made 26 looks out of six pieces!

DD: What were the six pieces?
Rad Hourani:
There's a long chemise with four pockets and a strap, two short jackets and one long with panels on the back, and trousers with three panels.... and one more!

DD: You always seem to fuse womenswear with menswear...
Rad Hourani:
It's all unisex! The idea was always a high end line of unisex clothing - each piece is unisex, transformable and versatile...

DD: This time you have added grey to the palette...
Rad Hourani:
Yeah, I've used grey before but I wanted to add it in this season since it's something I sometimes wear.

DD: Tell me about the fabrics!
Rad Hourani:
They are classical; boiled wool, jersey, crepe, jersey PVC...

DD: Do you have a fave piece in the show?
Rad Hourani:
No, I need all six pieces... 

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