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Stine Goya Womenswear A/W11

Copenhagen Fashion Week witnesses the designer's slightly 70s look with contrasting prints in dark berry tones and dusty lemon yellow

Stine Goya's Autumn Winter collection had a slight colour change compared to her typical stamp of soft pastels and corals. The darker palette, combined with a slight 1970s feel, had an elegant identity. The heavier African prints contrasted the plum and cherry tones just like the impact of broader shoulders with draped tops or dresses balanced out pipe trousers, tights and narrow skirts. Compared to other seasons this collection had a commercial appeal and a wider market by easy wear and shapes to suit a broad audience.

Dazed Digital: Where does your inspiration come from in this collection? 
Stine Goya:
The inspiration comes especially from artistic performances. An African performance company with string puppets and wooden horses  caught my attention and the show concept has been developed from this inspiration. The collection is more constructed this season to emphasise the silhouette of the body.

DD: Prints and a coral colour scheme seem to be your identity, how did the design process for this collection evolve? 
Stine Goya: For my Autumn Winter 2011 collection, the colour scheme is led by curry, mauve, dark wine red, black and grey. Working from the theme i choose colours and create prints that defines the mood that I want to create and the feeling that the season should bring. 

DD: Your shows are always very atmospheric and dreamlike, do you think that comes from your time at Central Saint Martins?
Stine Goya: Mainly the dreamlike and atmospheric sense comes from my interest in creating something out of ordinary. I like to develop an universe that captures the spectator not only through the clothes, but in a constellation of music, scenography, colours and silhouettes. This is more done through personal reflection and characteristics brought to life through the theme and my thoughts behind the collections. 

DD: Why are you based in Copenhagen?
Stine Goya: Copenhagen is a smaller city that can be enjoyed for its old fashioned ways and charming attributes. As a person who enjoys being around family and friends as well as enjoying nature it enables me to keep a calmer lifestyle after  travelling and the rest of my busy schedule throughout the year. I like Copenhagen as my base and then I love to travel to find inspiration through other cities, atmospheres cultures and landscapes.