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Andrea Cellerino x Old England

Dazed collaborate with the traditional watch brand for a new window display at Selfridges as designed by the inventive graphic artist

Setting up shop in the new Selfridges window this season, classic watch brand Old England have invited the experimental illustrative artist, Andrea Cellerino to custom-build an installation for their new campaign. As a collaboration with Dazed, the artwork features a giant clockface set behind cut-outs of colourful quirky characters to represent the true spirit of the label. The window is now up at Selfridges, London where Old England's watch collection is sold exclusively. We speak to Cellerino about his participation and inspirations for his work...

Dazed Digital: What is it about fashion that draws you to work within it?
Andrea Cellerino: The male models of course.

DD: How do you plan to make the Old England installation for Selfridges?
Andrea Cellerino: Making my illustrations becoming 3D. Wood, screws, colors and lots of fun too of course.

DD: Do you primarily see yourself as a set designer or an artist?
Andrea Cellerino: I think the line is blurry. Sometimes I do very commercial work that belong to a more classic way to do a set, other times I really feel I am making a piece where there is something very personal and lots of hours of work... and no money which is make me very close to an artist I guess..

DD: Are there any recurring themes in your work? If so, why do you think that is?
Andrea Cellerino: Key words are sprays, colours, black lines, fantasy, fun and definitely raw, personal and versatile. I think partially is to do with the fact i always had no money I and I had to squeeze my brain to come up with something cool, and I started to look around me seeking  anything was left by others and not in use anymore.

DD: What's next for you?
Andrea Cellerino: Pizza with Sardinian sausages and buffalo mozzarella.