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Rag & Bone's DIY Project Premiere

The NYC brand gave Dazed Digital the exclusive on their latest campaign video, showing four top models given cameras and a bag of clothes, and told to do as they please

Featuring models Abby Lee Kershaw, Sasha Pivovarova, Lily Aldridge and Edita Vilkeviute, the new DIY Project from Rag & Bone allowed the girls to indulge in their personal photography whims, as shown here exclusively on Dazed Digital. The brand supplied each of them with a bag of clothes, a digital camera, and the four words "do as you please". The quartet have created intimate images and video diaries that reflect each of their fun and unique personalities across different points around the world, including Sydney, Tenesssee, Corsica and Jamaica. The rare images have also been launched in a guerrilla-style campaign in Manhattan, and go live here in the today UK exclusively on the Rag & Bone website and Dazed Digital, and finally in a one-off window display at Collete in Paris.

Dazed Digital: What is the DIY project?
Rag & Bone: For our first-ever campaign, we wanted to think outside the box. We asked ourselves who embodies the brand and who really wears the clothes well. These four girls have amazing style and represent the ‘cool,’ downtown, New York girl that Rag & Bone is all about. We wanted to take a completely different approach to the traditional, highly polished campaign, so we decided to let them take the reigns. We gave them each a camera and a bag of clothes before they went on holiday, and asked them to do as they pleased and have fun. They were all given the same remit, but they all turned out so different. We think they’re really representative of each girl’s character.

DD: What made you decide to let the models take their own pictures?  
Rag & Bone: We wanted to let them interpret the brand and show their personalities in a context unique to them, rather than in a controlled environment. Putting clothes together in your own way, having your own style—that’s something that resonates with us.

DD: How did you pick the models involved? 
Rag & Bone: All four of the girls have been in our runway shows forever and we get on really well... so they were a natural pick for us. They are definitely four very different personalities but each represents the quintessential Rag & Bone girl in a distinct way.

DD: How does the film capture the spirit of Rag & Bone? 
Rag & Bone: I think the authentic quality of Rag & Bone is so well-expressed in the video. There’s a lot of energy captured – the girls are happy, beautiful, and relaxed. It's also completely raw and natural: no makeup, lighting, styling… nothing. Which we love.

DD: What results do you expect from the consumer-participation to the DIY project?
Rag & Bone: We’re hoping for the best! we want everyone who owns rag & bone to show us how they like to wear the clothes. It’s inspiring to see how others view the collections. The winners will receive $1000 gift cards to our e-commerce store, which should help get the submissions rolling! It's also extremely exciting to develop a community around the brand, to see how different people use Rag & Bone in their own personal style and to communicate with our customers in a new and immediate way.

DD: What's next?
Rag & Bone:
We take a break! Men’s and women’s fashion shows are on Friday 11th February, and there’s some mandatory down time after that.