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VK Lillie Medicine Pouches

Kira Lille's necklaces of little bags made from vintage gloves and filled with precious stones and memories are now being sold in Browns

After ten years jet-setting through the fashion sphere as a fashion photographer, Santa Cruz born Kira Lillie decided to go back to her roots. Inspired by her mother Vanessa, and the spiritual, hippy environment she raised her in, Lillie Junior began making, for her personal use, medicine bags inspired by Native American tradition. Those are worn around the neck and filled with meaningful objects and stones.

Her ‘medicine pouches’ are made from the fingertip of vintage gloves and embellished with semi-precious stones and sewn onto a gold cut ball chain. Each bag comes with seven powerful stones, ranging from smoky quartz (against depression) to turquoise (healing, detoxifying), and amber. Ms Lillie’s brand VK Lillie is now sold at Browns, London. We met her after a shoot in Paris and talked fashion, faith and fabulousness.

Dazed Digital: How did you come across those medicine bags?
Kira Lillie:
My mum, who is a healer, has been making them for as far as I can remember – she has always turned to alternative, natural solutions when problems arose. Growing up, the two of us used to make the bags together. But it’s important to remember that my bags are not exact Native American bags but rather, a personal reinterpretation.

DD: Why do you think people will care now about such an object?
Kira Lillie: I think we are at a point in time where people are really craving something deeper, more authentic, they are not only looking for a piece of accessory that’ll get them attention, but a real, symbiotic relation between the wearer and the object.

DD: What is the connection between photography and jewellery design?
Kira Lillie: Being creative & visual. They are both very visual elements and hands on creating; both also allow me to be the boss of myself, which I truly love. Most important, both come from my heart.

DD: If, on the long run, you had to dedicate yourself to one and drop the other, which one would you chose and why?
Kira Lillie: I would say the company VK Lillie, as it is a way to interpret many different creative outlets, including photography. My goal with VK Lillie is to grow and have the opportunity to bring together many talents and work as a team instead of just an individual. VK Lillie gives me the same opportunity but with a much more broad spectrum.

DD: You have grown up and worked in many places, where do you most feel at home?
Kira Lillie: That’s true, for the past ten years I’ve lived between Milan, New York and Paris. But I most feel at home where I feel happy, inspired and surrounded by talented people. For now that is truly Paris!