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Raf Simons Menswear A/W11

Using colours such as purple, blue and orange, Simons showed a relaxed and loose collection focused on neoprene fabrics and duffel coats

As the last show on the Saturday evening, Raf moved in for the kill. With plum coloured neoprene jackets, stripy mohair jumpers, beige duffel coats and wide PVC trousers, the Belgian super designer sent out a collection that kept everyone interested, which is a rare treat towards the end of a two week long fashion week stint. The colour choice (purple, orange, blue), the A-line coats with buttons on the back and Ab Fab skin tight knitwear was contrasted against felt T-shirts with slogans ('Dead Prince University' and 'Memory Ware Collector'). The loose silhouette and relaxed attitude was perhaps best summed up by a suit jacket with raglan sleeves and a mohair apron over a duffel coat. 

Dazed Digital: What was the original train of thought for the collection?
Raf Simons:
The rise of the craftsman, that was the idea...

DD: It had quite a bit to do with duffel coats as well...
Raf Simons:
Well yeah, there were plenty. I'm always interested in reinventing certain items that have been around for long.

DD: There was also a nice contrast between the tight knitwear and the wide PVC trousers!
Raf Simons:
I very much like the idea of couture but I'm also interested in the idea of teenager going out and the extremity and the contrast between the two.

DD: Favourite piece?
Raf Simons:
Next season!

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