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Tim Hamilton x Bergdorf Goodman

The NYC-based designer launches a new diffusion line of his charecterisitic contemporary take on sportswear for the famous department store

Menswear designer Tim Hamilton focuses on ultra-functional, meticulously conceived sportswear and suiting while playing with the traditions of sportswear and suiting. Now returning with a new collection of key men's pieces, designed exclusively for Bergdorf Goodman, his contemporary sportswear pieces are distinguished by their attention to detail, from fabrication to fit. We spoke to Hamilton himself about the new collection, which has just hit the third floor of the famous department store...

Dazed Digital: What were the inspirations behind the new collection?
Tim Hamilton:
We went through my old archives and thought of what fundamentally would work for both parties intentions. We ended up with about 15 styles that represent a casual contemporary feel.

DD: Why did you choose Cameron Smith to shoot it?
Tim Hamilton:
I first worked with Cameron back in A/W09 and kept in touch. He has smart fresh perspective on things and I felt what a great contrast to shooting a fundamentals collection.

DD: How did you feel about working with sportswear materials?
Tim Hamilton:
Most are Japanese fabrics, Japan tends to be very innovative with re-working standard materials and making them modern without losing the origination.

DD: Favourite piece from the collection?
Tim Hamilton:
I'm a sucker for a good black hoodie!