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Henrik Vibskov's Travelling Store

The Danish designer introduces us to his travelling pop up store concept as it hits Amsterdam

Always one to taunt convention, Henrik Vibskov has included boats on wheels and hamster cycles in shows named "Big Wet Shiny Boobies"‚ "The Fantabulous Bicycle Music Factory"‚ "The Solar Donkey Experiment" and "The Slippery Spiral Situation". Each collection is built into a mini universe. This knack for experimental set design will be applied to his latest project, new travelling concept store '100 Days'.

The Pop-up store will open in Amsterdam at SPRSPACE for 100 days only, then travel around the major European capitals for a series of short-leases. Each store will be an experiment with spaces and installations. One-off pieces and clothes that were edited out last minute will be sold alongside collections, with SS11 hitting the store around the 50th day. Dazed talked to Henrik Vibskov about the space and its themes.

Dazed Digital: What was the decision behind opening a travelling pop-up store?
Henrik Vibskov:
The intention is to create a space where the esthetics 100% reflects the current collection, season after season.  When the store in Amsterdam has been running for 40 days the SS11 collection will be launched in the store, it will be "home". It will be in the surroundings from the catwalk installation from Paris and Milan.  

DD: Your shows are often art installations in themselves, will the pop-up up store reflect this?
Henrik Vibskov:
The 100 days store will consist of the show installation, but in a reconstructed version.

DD: Is there a tie between the concept of the collection and the artistic installation of the store?
Henrik Vibskov: The tie is exactly the installation from the show.  The catwalk shows always stages and feeling and notion of the collection.  

DD: Your S/S11 collection is eclectic and experimental, did you design with an overall theme in mind or follow a different process?
Henrik Vibskov:
It's running parallel, coming from the same source, or feeling when designing the collection and the installation.  Its a dualistic process.Yet, there is an overall tone so to say which kind of frames the direction from the beginning. Here after there is lots of micro processes that does not necessarily interact with the concept of the installation.

DD:  Why begin the project in Amsterdam?
Henrik Vibskov: Amsterdam starts with A. Good place to start.

DD: Can we expect any exclusive products?
Henrik Vibskov: Oh yes. Beside the full collection, we will display showpieces and pieces that did not make it to the showroom. We are always overproducing in the design phase, so some good pieces have to go out of the collection.