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Fashion East S/S 09's new lineup.

Fashion East S/S 2009 Preview

Louise Gray talks about taking part in the London Fashion Week showcase along with David David and Natascha Stolle.

Once again the lineup that Lulu Kennedy, Fashion East founder has come up with for the show in September is something that is truly representative of the fashion talent that is emerging in London demonstrated by the designers with varying levels of experience; Louise Gray, Fashion East third-timer, David David, Fashion second-timer and the new designer on the Fashion East block, Natascha Stolle, a Central St. Martins MA graduate from this year. All three designers had something to say about the upcoming Fashion East show and what it means to them.

Q&A with Louise Gray

Dazed Digital: How do you feel about showing with Fashion East for the third time running?
Louise Gray: I am very excited about it. Its gone full circle, that’s how it feels, so looking forward and upwards to the final show.

DD: Do you feel under pressure to show something new or do you prefer to stay consistent to the vision of your last collections?
LG: So far it’s about evolution. This season so far is looking different in many ways, but it just feels like the natural progression of where I am at.

DD: Do you feel pressured to compete with Fashion East's previous, louder designers (Noki, Henry Holland)?
LG: Not at all, Fashion East first season I showed in the middle of Henry and Noki, I have the funniest memories of backstage, all our models lined up dressed and ready to walk. It was cool to see the mixture of them together.

DD: What inspired your collection? Is there one overall concept to your SS 09 collection?
LG: It’s a lot to do with Andy Warhol, I have been reading his autobiography and getting really obsessed about him. I have been enjoying all things pop culture too.

DD: Do you prefer designing autumn/winter or spring/summer?
LG: You get so much more time to show a SS season, so it’s more enjoyable perhaps.

DD: How do you think Fashion East has helped you?
LG: I think it really sells what it offers. It’s an on-schedule platform and it really feels that way. Fashion East has already built an audience of its own and it’s so great to be part of it. It’s so supportive.

DD: Are you happy with the way your designs have been received so far?
LG: It has been great so far. My second season is currently in store at Liberty’s London, and Colette Paris, which I am super happy about. I really feel I am where I am so far, because I have amazing support in people around me. I think it’s what London is about.

DD: Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
LG: Somewhere with air conditioning!