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Reed + Rader + Davidelfin

The GIF-loving photography duo takes on Davidelfin in another of their exclusive Dazed Digital photo shoots


Producing forward thinking, aesthetically inspiring - not too mention often quite beautiful - GIF animated fashion stories, Matthew Rader and Pamela Reed are at the forefront of what is, pretty much, uncharted territory. When you consider what is often associated with the GIF format - (emoticons and avatars consisting almost entirely of disturbing looking cartoon animals that glitch uncomfortably onscreen), the New York-based team, who work under the moniker Reed & Rader, have given GIFs a new lease of life.

Working with a super-current digital sensibility that references a fine art heritage, Matthew and Pamela pull on a wide-ranging palette of references to create visuals for clients including V, Pop, and Dazed Digital. Their recent Dazed Digital exclusive shoot saw us bring together the pair with stylist Jessica Bobince and cutting edge menswear designer Petrou Man. For this new feature the photographers worked with the Spanish-born designer Davidelfin. Starting life as a fine artist, he moved into designing after a series of his works, incorporating updated vintage military clothing, caught the eye of various fashion editors.

After much pushing from friends, family and industry insiders alike, Elfin decided to bring together a group of collaborators to create his fashion label in 2001. With a strong visual style and bold block colours, the label has been steadily garnering international attention. With both the photographers, and the designers, inspired by art on a variety of levels bringing the two collectives together seemed a natural collaboration.

Photographer Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader
Stylist Jessica Bobince
Make Up Jenny Kanavaros
Hair Jamal Hodges @ B Agency
Models Fabiana @ Marilyn, Evan @ Red
Photo Assistant Layla Wrencher
Clothes by Davidelfin