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Rodarte Womenswear S/S11

The sister duo present layered skirts and over-sized plaids over on the West Side

The Rodarte sisters took on their New York Fashion Week headlining burden elegantly. In a West Side gallery space, the design duo launched a Spring Summer collection full of earthly colours on tops with over-sized plaids and layered skirts. Fabrics resembling animal hide patterns came out in beige and brown, but also light green and blue featured. Jackets and blouses sported cut-out shoulders and a many of the high-waisted trousers were tapered at the bottom. The fabrics, often structured and intricate, were the biggest winners of the show. Like previous Rodarte shows, there were elements of distinctly hard gladiator-esque feelings in the shimmering gold section towards the end. A celeb heavy crowd (Sonic Youth, Kanye West, Elijah Wood etc) all showed their undying love at the end of another vintage Rodarte show…

Dazed Digital: What did you look towards for inspiration this season?
Rodarte: Northern California!

DD: There were lots of pieces that look armour of some sort…
I can promise you, if you’ve ever been to Northern California, you would know what I’m talking about…

DD: How does this compare to last season?
Last season was languid and soft, this one was about nature.