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Band of Outsiders Womenswear S/S11

Scott Sternberg's new line GIRL offers soft dresses and simple separates in peachy nudes

For the past three years Scott Sternberg has been the leader in the ever growing pack of designers who opt to showcase their collections in intimate and highly stylized presentations. Who can forget Spring Summer 2008 when he launched his womenswear line BOY on a boat?

Yesterday, he introduced the newest offspring of the Band family, GIRL - BOY's mid-low price point sister by having the models stand outside a green room amidst a cloud of mist. A soft offering of dresses and simple separates in a peach-y nude palette sure to be a success with his fiercely loyal customers, whose wardrobes could very well now be covered by Sternberg as BOY's classic staples sit next to the more trend-oriented sensibility that was on display. Elsewhere in Band of Outsiders land, the designer had the men in his signature celebration of american style enjoying their military barrack like space to a great effect. The accessories (sunglasses and boots) were a particular standout that adds to the cool factor the brand is built on.

Dazed Digital: Where did GIRL come from?
Scott Sternberg: When BOY took off, the customer started being insistent on us offering something that was different to the menswear ethos of the brand. I wanted it to be a girl for boy, not a cheaper line, or diffusion like everyone else does but just something different.

DD: What were you looking at this season for Band?
Scott Sternberg: I couldn't get a Paul Outerbridge show the Getty had last year out of my mind and I just really wanted to incorporate it into the collection.

DD: These are great boots for men, where did they come from?

Scott Sternberg: Looking at a lot of pictures of pre-war military boots, so I wanted to redefine that sample and we started playing around with chambray, needlepoint and we decided to add the needle point straps coming across the shoe.

Text by Max Ortega