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Alexander Wang Womenswear S/S11

The young New York-based designer brings mixed up fabrics and splashes of paint together for surprising results

The superstar show of Saturday was without a doubt Alexander Wang’s mega fashion spectacle at Pier 94. With a high profile guest list, which included Terry Richardson and Dazed cover star M.IA, young Wang took on the challenge and presented a complete and impressive S/S11 collection. Using a mishmash of fabrics, Wang started all-white and sent out models, including Agyness Deyn, in flowing light pieces, and white paint in their hair.

The paint trend continued. Many pieces had paint marks on selected spots. Gold and silver was thrown in to brighten proceedings up a bit. A thin embroidered lace impressed, but - taking the intricate details a step further - there was also a section featuring advanced doodling. In an onslaught of luxurious fabrics, a number of denim looks surprised. But it was Wang’s extensive use of the entire colour palette towards the end that made the biggest mark; silver grey, peach beige, light turquoise and a perfect lemon yellow finished off a show that marked Alexander Wang out as the big league player he is.

Dazed Digital: What inspired the collection?

Alexander Wang: Optimism and doing something that felt like a reaction to everything else that I see around me.

DD: There were lots of paint and doodles on the clothes – where did they come from?

Alexander Wang: I wanted do something that felt personal, it wasn’t about doing a loud graffiti print that was too splashy. I wanted quite introvert instead.

DD: Whose doodles are they?

Alexander Wang: We just took a piece of paper and laid it out in the studio for a week, and all the interns and design assistants added to it. I didn’t want it too contrived and easy.

DD: What about the paint in the hair?
Alexander Wang:
It was about a girl who’s independent, spiritual and artistic. She’s in the studio, tied her hair up, and got paint on herself.

DD: Favourite piece in the collection?

Alexander Wang: I love all the duct tape pieces - that was fun!