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Ohne Titel Womenswear S/S11

David Bowie and Japanese woodblocks inspire the latest New York brand's collection

Saturday lunchtime was Ohne Titel time! The design duo – New Yorkers Alexa Adams and Flora Gill – impressed with a focused and well-composed collection styled by Alastair McKimm. Predominately in different shades of blue, white and black, the show boasted an exciting combination of sportswear fabrics – such as the swim suit-esque neoprene – and fine knitwear. The knitted fabric often came out in cute dresses with pleated bottom halfs. The plastic fabrics also made an appearance trousers and shorts as pockets, perfectly balancing the loosely cut waistcoats and cropped jackets of the S/S11 collection. The sharp clothes were matched by an assemblage of colourful shoes and accessories, giving the show edge.

Dazed Digital: What brought on this collection?

Ohne Titel: We looked towards a Japanese woodblock artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi. The graphic pattern and shape of his work inspired us.

DD: Anything else that you saw or listened to?

Ohne Titel: David Bowie – a perfect summery feeling!

DD: There was a luxurious sporty feeling in there…

Ohne Titel: Yes through the neoprene material. We have similar elements in most of our collections, a feeling of athleticism.

DD: Tell us about the accessories…

Ohne Titel: We wanted to inject a little bit of colour as well!

DD: Favourite piece?

Ohne Titel: The last look with all white knits, slouchy shorts and the fluorescent necklace!