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The Joy of Six: Niels Peeraer

The penultimate designer in our series of the new Antwerp Six gets his inspirations from his feminine-looking Asian friend.

Highlighted by the Vogue editorial team as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp undergraduate to watch, Niels Peeraer is the penultimate in our series of interviews with six of the up and coming designers emerging from the academy.

Chosen by his tutor, and influential designer in his own right, Walter van Beirendonck, for Dazed Digital to highlight, Peeraer's androgynous, bordering on feminine, menswear collection was well received.

Taking inspiration from a young male Asian friend and his softer appearance, Peeraer will be looking to this aesthetic for future collections. “I simply don’t have the hunger to create clothes for men who are 6ft2 tall, with a sixpack,” says the designer.

Dazed Digital: How have you found being taught by Walter Van Beirendonck?

Niels Peeraer: I was really curious about this and a bit scared but I was guided in a way which was really fun. I was really happy he appreciated my way of thinking.

DD: What have you learnt from him?
Niels Peeraer: The most important thing he taught me was to make important decisions for myself. That it is up to you what path you want to follow.

DD: What story do you want your clothes to tell?
Niels Peeraer: It depends from collection to collection but mainly I want to tell people that there are other possibilities than simply dividing clothes into men's and women's collection's.

DD: Do you have a type of person in mind when you are designing and if so what are they like?
Niels Peeraer: Yes and its always very important to me. For example I spent this whole year looking for the right models so I could present my collection exactly the way I intended it to be seen. This year my muse was an Asian boy who is very feminine.

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