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Anntian's Bold Graphics & Arty Prints

Join the Berlin-based duo Anntian in their latest search of daily sartorial glints

Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt from Berlin-based fashion label Anntian embrace once again all their playful style and personal mix and match in their latest AW '1011 collection. Bold graphics and arty prints inspired by surfaces found on the streets such as asphalt, granite or wood meet geometric shapes, oversized silhouettes and unstructured garments in a collection that aims to change the meaning of ordinary daily fragments of light by alienating them; Colours are coming brilliant out of the dark into the light, like a spotlight from a flashlight.

Dazed Digital: How did you decide to start your own brand together?
Anntian: We got to know each other at the end of our studies at University. From the first moment we have been talking, it felt like really familiar and close - our feelings toward imagery and aesthetics, things in general, were so surprisingly matching that we just naturally went on. Right after finishing our studies we started to work on a little collection that we didn't really sell - directly followed by our first professional collection. At that time we both had in addition jobs as designers. Everything started quite "organic" and natural.

DD: How would you describe Anntian style?
Anntian: Mixing harmonic and disharmonic things, making intended little mistakes (we like it awkward and defected), sensitive colour mix, clothes must be easy to wear and functional first, interesting fabrics and textures, rather reserved than loud, playing with little details. Kind of strange, playful, irritating and unusual, strong pieces to combine with other favourite pieces of your wardrobe, collectable items, relaxed and wearable… It is about colours, moods, "freedom of mixing up", harmonies and disharmonies. It‘s the people that bring “beauty” to fashion, not the other way around.

DD: What is the philosophy of the brand?
Anntian: Making pieces that endure many years, which you still like and keep for years. In this sense we like to slow down; we like the idea of clothes that get their own history, that remind you of a specific moment, a certain time of your life. Conceptual working (not in a weighty 60s sense) often runs throughout the range, as several working techniques that get visible in different ways; just like the printing process of the clothes, which is actually a paper printing technique. All in all, the collections are quiet and harmonic - complex and intense in detail.

DD: Which are your main references or inspiration sources?
Anntian: In general we are fascinated by mistakes, errors, disharmonies and abnormalities, unusual or uncommon things, defects… Nature is also a very important field of inspiration and the greatest ideal. On the other hand there is the vanguard in the field of techniques, future visions and architecture that are of interest for us. As we recognize that our way of working is often constructivist, we can say that we feel close to Constructivism in some ways. Within our collections we are trying to create an entire vision and mood, which we transfer to the interiors, furniture... everything.

DD: What is your A/W10/11 collection about?
Anntian: AW '10/11 collection "Walk the Light" tells about walks that you have in the dark or at night; it is about illuminated windows that give moments of insight while passing them, about a light cone of a pocket lamp, about beaming spotlights wandering around, detecting, blinding, searching, finding and loosing again the focused out of sight. Hidden beauty, ordinary banal structures we come across everyday get spotted and highlighted, such as road or sidewalk surfaces you walk on, wood grain of a chair, PVC floorings... These fragments, shreds, moments get an entire new magical meaning due being singled out. The collection, as a journey, a walk of senses, connects to daily surroundings, to spaces and places we are living at, to objects and structures. It is the attempt to search and find the very "special" that is inherent in so many things of our daily life, to search and find the outstanding - to give in the "magic".

DD: There is a very artistic feeling in the way you create your collections, since you are also involved in the painting and printing process…
Anntian: Well, it is our will to make the clothes sophisticated, just the way we think they need to be - it's our standard. What we do is what we feel that needs to be done, to say it simple. We reflect what we come across in our life, what we feel. There is no direct link to art. Personally, we feel a great connection to art ever since - sometimes we wish to have more time to work a bit more in this direction, but at the moment it is the collection we focus on.  If we have time, we love to go to assorted exhibitions, galleries… just as well as we like to go in the "nature" - nature is art. We are fascinated of structures that you can see everywhere your eyes look.

Photos Johanna Ruebel
Hair & Make-up Janine Pritschow
Models Vanessa (M4 Models) Marc (Made Management)