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Trussardi 1911 Menswear S/S11

Milan Vukmirovic impresses with camouflage and leopard patterns in his luxurious Trussardi SS '11 collection...

Milan Vukmirovic has taken good care of Trussardi since we took over a few years ago. At his SS ’11 presentation, Vukmirovic showed what he and his iconic brand does best; luxurious clothes with attitude. Suede and leather were used for biker and army inspired jackets, but a sharper edge was added by choosing leopard and military camouflage patterns. The army pattern was adopted a while back as monogram for Trussardi – a welcome change to logos!

The strong urban look added youthful feelings to a brand, which celebrates 100 years of trading in 2011. This was also highlighted by the superb sunglass collaboration with the Charmant Group. Drawing inspiration from 20-year-old films and music, Vukmirovic have succeeded in anchoring the brand in cultural references that are today more relevant than ever. 

Dazed Digital: What sort of things did you look at for influence?
Milan Vukmirovic: I was inspired by spending time in Milan, which is a true fashion city. I was looking at guys with rolled up trousers and t-shirts with rolled up sleeves, and that reminded me of the 1990’s, and my own teenage years. Fashion is a cycle and a recycle, because the Nineties in turn were inspired by the 1950’s! And the same goes for the music. Then it was New Wave, and today it’s New New Wave…

DD: Describe your mixture of print and patterns!
Milan Vukmirovic: The black and white Native American print, which is a favourite of mine, is actually also quite 90’s in black and white. The army camouflage is my Trussardi monogram. And leopard I used because fashion is about having fun, and leopard prints are always on the limit to kitsch, but I think it looks cool on a wallet or a belt.

DD: How would you sum up the brand?
Milan Vukmirovic: I’m wearing most of it! It’s like with music and magazines, the product is the soul of the person behind it. You have to do it for the right reasons, that’s how I sum it up…

DD: What piece would you buy for yourself as a Trussardi customer?
Milan Vukmirovic: The army canvas in leopard print!