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Mikio Sakabe

Husband and wife team mix inspirations from heavy metal bands and 90s styling...

After meeting in Paris, studying in Antwerp and settled in Tokyo, Mikio Sakabe joined forces with now his wife Jenfang to create his label. Inspired by his own city and Asian culture, his last collection is a mixture of 90s fashion, heavy metal bands shirts, cuts and patterns that give a fresh meaning to the garments. Dazed talks with the hottest couple in Tokyo town...

Dazed Digital: What the story behind your brand?
Mikio Sakabe: I had the concept of my brand but now days, the most important things to do is expressing the fashion itself . So I want to make not only my collection, but also ‘fashion’, especially young people who will be interesting fashion.

DD: How did you two meet?
Mikio Sakabe: In ESMOD Paris, actually I was in London and I was thinking to go to St Martins, but the school fee was too expensive. So I was looking for a new school, then I read a magazine which wrote about ESMOD Paris, it was a traditional fashion school, I thought it sounded nice, so I called them direct and the next day I went there to have an interview and after passing the exam, I moved to Paris. I had to move from London to Paris in two weeks (there were so many things to do... visa or house...) but after starting at the school, I noticed the school taught in French. So I couldn’t understand at all, then Jenfang was helping me, she was my classmate!

DD: How do you two work on a collection?
Mikio Sakabe: Mikio decided which way to go and Jenfang design each silhouette.

DD: How was your Antwerp experience?
Mikio Sakabe: The best moment in my life. And I lived in London, Paris, Tokyo, Antwerp, and Antwerp is the best!

DD: Where do you seek for inspiration?
Mikio Sakabe: I don’t do research, I normally walk around the city.

DD: Your lookbooks and presentations are mostly done by Daniel Sannwald, why him?
Mikio Sakabe: His photos are so beautiful and strong and sensitive.

DD: What’s the concept behind your new collection?
Mikio Sakabe: 90s fashion

DD: Prints have been very important for your brand, why?
Mikio Sakabe: Prints are very interesting things, everyone use prints for t-shirts and every single garment, so in the way one of the most difficult things to make it original and nice.

DD: What are the plans for the future?
Mikio Sakabe: To make new style of fashion from Asia to the world.

DD: How do you see Tokyo and the new Japanese designers now?
Mikio Sakabe: You should come once. It is always changing.

DD: What makes you happy?
Mikio Sakabe: The moment I meet someone who loves fashion.

Photos Daniel Sannwald