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Bassike S/S '11

Australian Bassike expands away from wardrobe staple pieces to a fully fledged fashion collection for S/S'11 at RAFW

From basics to Bassike, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week proved that the country’s favourite label for wardrobe staples is capable of so much more. From perfectly tailored powder blue suits for men and matching short and shirt ensembles for women, Bassike’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection embraced a cleaner, more refined look while still holding true to its roots in relaxed practicality. Still with an organic persona, the range began as if rising from the sea or soaring through the sky in clear blue and grey before shifting into the earth with a palette of dusty pink and desert brown. Finally, the runway procession found itself in the jungle, with an explosion of vibrant bird prints. Featuring double denim, heavy black and white stripes, Rodarte-esque knits and origami folding, the Bassike runway was anything but basic. Dazed Digital caught up with Deborah Sams and Mary Lou Ryan post show to talk all things fashion week…

Dazed Digital: So what have you two been up to since we last spoke to you?
Bassike: Working on the business trying to catch up with the growth we have experienced over the past 12 months; working on our sunglasses and shoe line and fashion week.

DD: How has the Australian Fashion Week experience been?
Bassike: Really great learning for us, we surrounded ourselves with talented people who worked with us on our first show. It’s been awesome.

DD: How do you feel about the influx of bloggers - especially the international ones - at this year's RAFW?
Bassike: It’s great as it’s a new medium that drives an individual opinion. Bad or good, it keeps it real.

DD: What is your S/S'11 collection all about?
Bassike: Pushing the boundaries while still being wearable and true to Bassike, we used elements of nature to inspire our colour and texture which you can see within the knitwear.

DD: How did you come up with the prints used?
Bassike: When we started working on the collection we were looking at different
colours in Australian birds - we then thought it would be amazing to do something modern with the galah which is a very famous and beautifulAustralian bird.

DD: Bassike is going from strength to strength- what's next on the agenda?
Bassike: Really working on our international business and our retail stores.