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Jefferson Hack x Business of Fashion

As part of a new Fashion Pioneers interview series, Imran Amed talks to Dazed founder and publisher Hack about his love of magazines and the future of media

Last week Jefferson Hack, founder of Dazed & Confused Magazine, sat down for a chat with Imran Amed at the Sanderson Hotel in London. The conversation, streamed live on a few selected worldwide fashion websites, was part of Business of Fashion's new Fashion Pioneers project. BoF editor-in-chief Amed plans to interview industry insiders about their view on fashion related issues and Hack, of course, was quizzed about his array of magazines and websites, which includes Dazed Digital, and how he sees the future of magazine publishing versus digital media. Questions for Mr Hack had been posed by BoF readers through Twitter and the interview was screened live on, among others, Style Bubble, A Shaded View on Fashion, Bryan Boy and JC Report. Here are four excerpts from the interview, which also saw Hack present the first ever Dazed & Confused iPad app, due to be launched in conjunction with its August issue.