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Cerruti Womenswear A/W10

Richard Nicoll wiped the slate clean with his modern vision for Cerruti.

With no recognisable signature or archives to go on, Richard Nicoll was able to apply his own vision of easy to wear daywear to this French tailoring brand. It seemed almost purposeful that his collection Cerruti aligned with his own collection shown in London which is no bad thing when solutions for comfortable dressing result in monochromatic ensembles in cranberry, different shades of blue and peachy nudes, playing off different textures. There was an emphasis on layering that mixed textures to their best ability with mohair, sheer chiffon, satins, fur, leather and even latex (in an unexpected shade of nude courtesy of Atsuko Kudo) all having a part to play. Shapes were deliberately kept simple with the crafted mix of pieces left to make the statement. There were little surprises such as a hint of a latex collar and the one shouldered polo neck that kept the proceedings interesting. We spoke to Nicoll to find out what exactly are his ideas for Cerruti.

Dazed Digital: What were the challenges coming into this position at Cerruti - for instance, there were no archives to look to?
Richard Nicoll: It was kind of freeing in a way - I share some sensibilities with the DNA of the company. It was easier to follow my own view. Also the people there were very free with me and told me to do what I felt.

DD: What were the inspirations behind the colours
Richard Nicoll: There wasn't really an inspiration. These were just colours that I was feeling for noe. I wanted to avoid black at all costs. I have a no-black rule at Cerruti. I always wanted to use these colours as well as the mix of texture.

DD: How did the latex come about?
Richard Nicoll: It just felt right. I found the fabric and contacted Atsuko Kudo. I wanted to do cocktail looks in an unpredictable way, that's strong but still elegant and quite soft and I wanted to use the rubber in a non-sexual way.

DD: What is your vision for Cerruti?
Richard Nicoll: It's about building quality separates that are easy to wear and easy to interpret into individual's wardrobes at an affordable price point. I just want to concentrate on quality and simple pieces that people can adapt to their own wardrobes.

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