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Jean Charles de Castelbajac Womenswear A/W10

Godiva hangs out with Bambi in this modern day fairytale.

PhotographyMorgan O'Donovan

Since developing his JCDC diffusion line, Jean Charles de Castelbajac has seemingly reassessed his main first line and as a result, the majority of this Go Go Diva collection is even more easier to break downand to see as strong pieces individually. Castle stone printed belted coats come trooping out with accompanying menswear running in tandem. The story may be about Lady Godiva living in a castle but she's no simpering maiden and has in fact used her beauty against injustice and along the way, has decked herself out in modern clothes with only slightly Medieval touches. Her friend Bambi is introduced mid way in the form of furry antlers, on shoulders, printed across satin dresses and embroidered over a tapestry leaf pattern. JCDC's signature primary colour palette also infiltrates through the stained glass window and cross motifs with special mention to the assembled acrylic window pane dress. Fans of JCDC such as Beth Ditto also gets immortalised onto one of his trademark pop art dresses. Finally, Godiva's full power is unleashed through robo jockey outfits complete with horse helmets.

Dazed Digital: How did you imagine this Medieval diva for the collection?
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac: It was a mix of Medieval, diva and Bambi. I went to Coventry and then I heard this story of Godiva. I originally wanted to call it Gaga Diva because I wanted Lady Gaga to perform but that didn't happen. I just made a video with her with my clothes with Nicola (Formichetti). So after Gaga Diva, I went to Go Go Diva - something very dynamic and to build very feminine structures around it. Then I added the Bambi element - this sweetness - who killed Bambi etc...

DD: Once again, you seem to making a stronger statement in the sophistication level of your clothes.
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac: In the show, I have my new mensline which is supposed to be sophisticated. I have JCDC which is the more kiddy stuff and then the first line in the show which is all my new effort to create a stronger line. I like the construction in Medieval times. I like the powerful shoulders, the armour but I wanted this softness that I put in the leather so it's a duality between sensuality and strength.

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